Here’s How You Accidentally Keep Yourself Small Your Whole Life

Here’s How You Accidentally Keep Yourself Small Your Whole Life

By Heidi Priebe 

Matteo Catanese


You only surround yourself with people who share your weaknesses, to make yourself feel stronger in comparison. You consequently never challenge yourself to grow past those weaknesses.


You decide that you’re not pretty, smart or interesting enough to go after the things you want. You use a pre-assumed failure as an excuse to never try in the first place.


You decide that you have to be the absolute best at whatever you set out to do before you set out to do it. You forget that you get better by acting. You ignore the fact that nobody starts out at the top.


You quit when the going gets tough instead of buckling down and trying twice as hard. You see obstacles as stop signs instead of acceleration points.


You ignore your natural desires. You pick the practical route that drains you of energy instead of the expansive route that makes you feel greater, more inspired, more alive. You ignore the fact that energy can be your greatest asset.


You assume that someone else’s rejection of you serves as an objective reflection of who you are, rather than a reflection of what that person’s looking for.


You shut out other people’s opinions. You stay committed to the story you’ve been telling yourself because it’s familiar, even if it’s limiting/untrue.


You tell yourself that you’re the victim. You make everyone else you know the bad guy so that you don’t have to take responsibility.


You tell yourself that you’re the bad guy. You decide that you’re inherently flawed and that there’s no way to reroute the course you’re on now.


You stay closed off. You keep your fears and passions all to yourself, assuming no one else would ever understand them.


You expect everyone else to understand you, without you having to explain yourself to them. You get your hopes up and then dashed, instead of stating what you want from the get-go.


You expect things to work out without planning them.


You get so caught up trying to plan things that you forget to let your life surprise you.


You avoid every situation that makes you feel inadequate, scared or insecure, instead of dealing with those feelings head on and growing past them.


You expect to receive much more love than you give out.


You wait for opportunities to present themselves rather than cultivating them for yourself.


You begin identifying as someone who is doomed to stay small their whole lives.


You refuse to take any accountability for the ways in which you’ve steadily, consistently refused every chance you’ve been offered to grow.

Author: Heidi Priebe

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